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Load bearing wall removals

sometimes you just got to do your own load bearing wall removal…

Sometimes a quick sketch is all you need to determine Foundation settlement

house with crawl space beams crushing

Structural Engineering for foundation underpinning retrofit stabilization in a nutshell

Costa Mesa House with exterior patio slab sloping towards house wall

Surface water runnoff towards house may create foundation problem s

How much floor sloping is acceptable?

Tustin Building Structural Engineering Inspection

Irvine house had attic truss cut

Costa Mesa house with suspected structural foundation damage

major settlement of foundation causing structural damage in Fullerton, Orange County

OC Structure Check on Google

Why do houses have cracks?

exterior deck in Tustin, Orange County had additional tile load

Laguna Hills house with major foundation settlement

Mission Viejo, Orange County house

beam - suspected damage due to water

Huntington Beach – Shear Wall removal

Interior Wall Settling vs. Beam Sagging

Major concrete cracking at warehouse in Gardena CA

Newport Beach Condo foundation damage and damaged caused by load bearing wall removal

Chimney rotation at side of house in Santa Ana

slab heaving from expansive soils

cracked wood beam in Whittier building

Check for a load-bearing wall removal in a Newport beach condo

Is my house sliding down the hill?

House with mild slope creep

House and pool with minor movement due to hillside and local saturation of subgrade

How to know if my house has Structural Integrity

Load-bearing wall removal Structural Engineering assessment today in Laguna Niguel

House in Laguna Hills

Slope creep towards the hillside in Laguna Niguel

Sagging joists or foundation settlement

Is my house sliding down a hill?

Why are there loud noises in the attic roof framing

structural engineering – assessing why the floor slopes

Suspect Foundation Damage and need of repair?

Open concept load bearing wall removal

Load bearing wall removal

Load Bearing wall removal calculations and sketches

Load-bearing wall removal

Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach house with settlement

100 year old Los Angeles house with various Foundation movement

West Hollywood house with roof drainage causing ponding

Lake Forest home with cracked tiles

Orange County Tustin Home with New Beam

House with Foundation Cracks

House with rusted steel column

Structural Engineer Assessment Report Orange County

Load bearing wall shear wall in condo

Load Bearing Wall Concern Orange County

garage storage rack fails

sloping floors or foundation cracks

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Costa Mesa had significant foundation settlement even with decent top soil protection

Stucco cracks, dry wall cracks, and sloping floors

Is my house moving down the hillside?


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