Licensed Structural Engineer, CA #S5905   |   Licensed Civil Engineer, CA #C71491


Does your home have cracks? Do you want to be assured there is no structural damage due to seismic events, differential settlement, or foundation failure?

Considering buying a house with cracks but need a report for escrow to close?

You can contact us with the form below which will go immediately to our email which is checked throughout the day. We will call you back promptly. Or simply call us.

We have been providing quality assessments of houses in Orange County for over 15 years and have assessed hundreds of homes.

Orange County Structure Check provides the necessary evaluation, assessment, for your home when damage has occurred or is suspected.

Our written reports provide loan companies what they need to fund a loan if you are buying a house. Our reports are stamped and signed for any legal purpose.

Our engineers are licensed civil and licensed structural engineers in California.

We are in central OC and can travel to any part of Southern California. Check out our fees on our fees page.

OC Structure Check

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