Licensed Structural Engineer, CA #S5905   |   Licensed Civil Engineer, CA #C71491

Our Fees

Your house is most likely one of your largest investments. It is worth the fees to know if there is structural damage.


The observation is required in any service we provide. (We cannot give verbal opinions over the phone).

Our fee for an observation and verbal opinion is $400.

This includes travel time and any viewing attic framing (if required) or crawl space inspection. We bring our own ladder. This fee is due on site during the observation.


Our fee for a report (if requested) is $400 (additional to the $400 observation fee). This report ranges between 1 to 10 pages and is stamped and signed a licensed structural engineer. The letter or report are optional services after the initial site visit. You can choose the letter or report depending on your needs. For loan companies or escrow, you will need a report. This fee may be paid in exchange for the report when the report is ready.


We accept payment by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), paypal, venmo, and zelle.

OC Structure Check

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